Brenda Motheral, RPh, MBA, PhD


Dr. Motheral is an award-winning scientist and healthcare entrepreneur, and currently serves as CEO of Archimedes, a specialty drug management company that provides analytics, technology, and service solutions for employers, health plans, and PBMs.

During her 30-year career in pharmacy benefits, Dr. Motheral has founded and led multiple pharmacy benefit management companies, served on the executive team of a Fortune 100 PBM, and provided industry thought leadership through the publication of numerous peer-reviewed articles and papers.

As a serial entrepreneur, she has a proven record of founding disruptive new businesses and advancing them through growth and acquisition. In 2016, Dr. Motheral founded EpiphanyRx, a transparent PBM, which she sold to Navitus Health Solutions in 2021. Previously, Dr. Motheral served as the President of Artemetrx Specialty Drug Solutions, which she founded to provide comprehensive specialty drug consulting for plan sponsors.
Prior to Artemetrx, Brenda was the Senior Vice President of Product and Research at Express Scripts and served as a company officer on the executive team. Among many initiatives during her 12-year tenure, Dr. Motheral launched the Medicare Part D program for Express Scripts and led development of the Drug Trend Report and annual client outcomes conference.

Dr. Motheral has authored more than fifty peer-reviewed manuscripts on pharmacy benefit management. She has received national research awards from the Academy for Managed Care Pharmacy and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research.

Dr. Motheral holds a PhD focused in Health Economics from The University of South Carolina, a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from The University of Kentucky.

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