Chris Palombo, MA, MSHM, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer
Dispensary of Hope

Working tirelessly toward the transformation of the US medication access system serving the uninsured AND with the belief that healthcare is a basic human right, my calling is to accelerate the national medication access community. That vision includes: the growth of Dispensary of
Hope as the nation’s largest and most effective charitable medication distributor, the replication of the charity pharmacy model to 1,000 US locations, collaboration with and support of the national community of charitable medication distributors, applause of and partnership with generic and branded drug manufacturers, and the widening of hospital and hospital system community health impacts to solve gaps in medication access for poor.

Informed healthcare administrators agree that healthcare in the United States is unsustainably expensive and results in inadequately poor health outcomes. This financial reality leaves millions without access to the services that sustain health. My career has been invested into social innovation – integrating safety net healthcare resources for low-income uninsured Americans by seeking to reduce costs, expand access, and improve quality outcome measures.

I serve the Dispensary of Hope, a Nashville-based not-for-profit social venture that transforms the medication supply chain by working collaboratively with drug manufacturers, pharmacy benefits managers, insurance, health systems, and safety net entities to coordinate donated prescription and OTC medication. We work until every uninsured, low-income person has access to every medication that they need to be healthy. Before serving at the Dispensary of Hope, I served safety providers and hospital systems as an internal program development consultant with the nation’s largest non-profit health system, as well as led the Medical Care Access Coalition, a regional healthcare social enterprise featured by the Bureau of Primary Health Care as a replicable example of large scale rural healthcare transformation.

My career has allowed me the privilege of working among the brightest people and the best practices in improving the health of large scale, complex, low income populations. My career is driven by my calling to address core deficiencies in our world – lack of resources, lack of access to healthcare, lack of access to education, and human apathy. Leadership and collaboration can solve these issues, bringing life, and hope, and opportunity to all people.

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