Luciano Calenti

Founder and CEO, ACIC Pharmaceuticals
Founder and Director, Methapharm Inc.

Luciano has been involved in pharmaceuticals in Europe since the late sixties and came to North America in 1969 to join the pioneers of the generic industry and became a key supplier of antibiotics to both the branded and generic industries. Moved to Canada in 1972 to build the first antibiotic plant. Then founded ACIC in 1973. Masterminded the Corporation’s evolution from distribution to research and development, as well as manufacturing in both APIs and Injectables as well as Pharmaceutical Equipment for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Founding member of the CGPA as well as Chairman for three and a half years (1985-1988). Also a founding member of GPIA (Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association) in the United States.

Apart from building and upgrading facilities up to GMP standards in many countries, joint ventured, built and operated Canlac (the largest lactulose plant in the world, now an Abbott plant). Worked for a couple of decades with a new compound that is sold globally by a leading pharmaceutical company. Started work on a COVID-19 product licensed from University of Michigan for ACIC’s global use.

Also founded ACIC Pharmaceuticals Machinery that specializes in equipment for injection production, radioactive injectable production as well as in artificial intelligence equipment.

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